«Buda», awarded in the 7th Columbia Gorge International Film Festival

The film, co-produced among Filmsnomades, Televisió de Catalunya and TVE, won the Audience and Jury Award for the Best Documentary in the 7th Columbia Gorge International Film Festival (August 2014).

’L’illa de Buda’’ or  the Buda Island is an isolated area located in the Mediterranean sea which, shaped by men 300 years after being conquered,  is now considered one of the most fragile and protected spaces in Europe. ”Buda, l’illa del Delta” is the portrait of a mhytical space whose audience will percieve while watching and thus, enjoying this film.

Elegy of a variable and uncertain landscape the film intends to approach the audience to a blurred image which has fed the fantasy of many generations from the Ebro area : the siluette of a lighthouse sunk by the sea, majestic and elusive. Finally, this film is nothing but the portrait of an obsession ; the obsession of an English producer who needs to find the traces of an old footage which took place in 1906 by one of her ancestors.

A trip to the research of a shadow, the hypothesis of a story.

The film won the Ciutat de Reus Prize for the Best Film at Memorimage 2013 festival (November 2013).

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